Criminal and Corporate Services

][ Industrial and Counter-Industrial Espionage: Theft and leakage of confidential information by employees, so that proper procedures can be established to eliminate this problem.
][ Theft or inventory shrinkage due to employees and consumers
][ Time Theft: Employees submitting time cards for payment, while not working for the corporation
][ Expense Account Abuse
][ Payment of Secret Commissions
][ Salepersons' Activities
][ Trademark, Copyright and Patent Infringement
][ Conflict of Interest
][ Wrongful Dismissal Claims
][ Sexual Harassment Claims
][ Electronic Surveillance and Counter Surveillance, video cameras (overt & covert)
][ Trans-Shipment Surveillance: sales staff, truck drivers, waiters, bartenders, plants and warehouses. We concentrate on employee attitudes toward consumers, behavior in retail and wholesale stores, for public and professional image.
][ Executive Background Profiles (Pre-Employment Security Screening)
][ Executive Protection and Threat Assessment
][ Skip Tracing--locating people, vehicles, etc.
][ Security Consultants: Assess security status and present recommendations
][ Security Guards (Guard Dogs): Special Events, residential, parking control, spot checks, security escorts, mobile response. The Security Guard Division is fully trained on every location, and we work with you in developing and implementing security programs to meet your changing needs.
][ Process Serving
][ Train or Supply Retail Investigators
][ Worldwide Courier Service
][ Alarm Installation
][ Experienced Public Speaker will provide lectures on securtiy