It is our corporate policy that our staff -- with police, military and Canadian security intelligence service experience -- continually upgrade their training to keep up with the changing legislation governing the insurance, corporate, security and investigative industries. Surveillance training is provided to all our employees, including the operation of video, photographic and other technical equipment. We also include training for surveillance on foot, by alternative vehicles such as bicycles and boats, along with static insurgency into remote areas, with emphasis on camouflage. The following are a few of the services we offer:

Insurance Claims: Investigate motor vehicle claims, sickness and accident claims, interview witnesses, conduct post-accident surveillance to determine the degree of disability, physical restriction, and daily activities.

Workers Compensation Claims: On-site investigation using WCB criteria to determine the validity of an accident. Conduct post-accident surveillance to determine activities and physical restrictions.

Undercover Investigation: To determine employee theft, drug/alcohol consumption, breach of safety procedures, time theft, conspiracy or leakage of confidential information (industrial espionage).